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Ann D'Antonio is a versatile writer. Her short stories draw on years of reporting and editing the news as well as reinventing the memories of her youth. Two of her stories, The Color Red and Big Pink, won Honorable Mention from Glimmer Train, one of the most respected literary journals in print.

Her non-fiction book, Curating in the Gloobalsphere©, studies the shift that art, display, and displayer are taking away from the museum into cyberspace. She coined the word "gloobalsphere©" to capture the terrain on the other side of our screens, where art and indeed we ourselves live (gloobalsphere.com).

Her new interest in visual culture and critical art theory comes after a long career in journalism, which began with the M.S. degree she earned at Columbia University, where she later taught and developed two courses. She received an A.B. magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College in English Literature.

  Keys Making Words

Keys Making Words

D'Antonio also earned an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art, and World Art Studies from Leiden University in The Netherlands. She has written on art after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the shift in the traditional Western Art Canon to World Art Studies, and visual music and synaesthesia.

D'Antonio writes on all contemporary arts in the round. Her work can be found on the Website she works on with her partner, musician Dylan Hoey, thinkart360.org, a window on contemporary art and theory. There you'll find a piece she wrote for young design students around Europe participating in Atelier Tipografic 2, a project of the Association of Dutch Designers. Her essay puts forth her concept of a common visual identity for the European Union, written to provide an intellectual framework for young European designers.

Another Website, thinkingartloud.org, focuses on contemporary arts in the making. She and Hoey explore the practice of art and how they can turn the colors, lines, light, and sound around them into art.

Combining her knowledge of visual culture and her expertise as a writer, D'Antonio has curated exhibits in The Hague, one of which traveled to the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014. She and Hoey design her book covers and Websites. Their Vimeo channel, https://vimeo.com/studioquadernioscuri, showcases D'Antonio's poetry set to Hoey's score.

Behind D'Antonio is more than 25 years of experience as a reporter, writer, and editor on staff and as a freelancer for publications such as Vogue, McCall’s, The Wall Street Journal, The Record of Hackensack, New Jersey Monthly, The Boston Phoenix.