a few rules to write by

  Clear writing is clear thinking.

  Don't write Writing.

  KISS— Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  Always keep the reader in mind. Never leave him or her thinking,"What the heck does that mean?"

  Proof your work. Twice.

  Ask yourself:  Can I say it better?

  “God is in the details” and "Less is more." Mies van der Rohe, a leader of Modern architecture, didn't have writing in mind when he came up with these aphorisms Barcelona in 1929. Nonetheless, it couldn't be truer.

  “Very,” “important,” “nice,” “really,” "interesting," and their brethren are adjectives that say absolutely nothing.

  Clichés are Satan’s spoor.

  Redundancy belongs in the Department of the Redundancy Department.

  The unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, which takes up more than half a library shelf, contains 250,000 distinct words in current use in the English language. Surely you can find synonyms for “awesome,” “dude,” and “sa-weet" when you speak, not to mention strong verbs and bright adjectives when you write.

 Check your facts. Check your facts. Check your facts.

  Never, ever trust information you find on the Web.